Big Murray River Houseboat eBook guide

Big Murray River Houseboat eBook guide


Buy now Tablet Version: Cruising the Murray River on your very own floating hotel is a great holiday experience. Naturally the river is big with houseboating options from Echuca, Mildura, Riverland to Mannum and Murray Bridge and all the towns in between. This very large, definitive guide aims to help you find boats, learn about what to take, river environment information and much more. It’s a comprehensive guide that’s easy to look through on a tablet where you can enjoy your next houseboat holiday! For more information visit or Format: epub Style: tablet/ipad device

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Mannum to Swan Reach audio eBook guide mobile

Buy now: Mobile Version: This is an on river audio boat only. The lower stretches of the Murray River between Mannum and Swan Reach are a houseboating mecca. This audio guide ebook takes you on a tour of the river with a river captain who explains the points of interest, environment and history on this spectacular part of the the Murray.